Don’t miss this summary of Michelle Alexander’s controversial and eye-opening book: “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” This FastReads’ Summary provides chapter synopses, key takeaways, and analysis to help you fully digest this stunning and explosive criticism of the modern racial caste system in America.

What Will You Learn from Reading This Book?

  • The history of racism, slavery, Jim Crow, and modern discrimination in America
  • Evidence behind the systematic incarceration of black people in America
  • How the stigma of black criminals isn’t just for criminals
  • The viscous cycle of crime and recidivism in black communities
  • The racially-driven double standards that penetrate the American justice system
  • How these current injustices were intentionally engineered to replace the old Jim Crow and maintain racial inequality

Book Summary Overview
Obama’s election as the president might have seemed like the dawn of a new era of colorblindness in America, but Alexander argues that we are far from eradicating racism—we have just redesigned it. Alexander also presents sufficient evidence to help the reader come to terms with the horrifying realities of modern racism. Ultimately, she concludes that although the prison system is supposed to reform people, it acts primarily as method of control and servitude in America—very much like slavery. Alexander’s disarming voice and candor make this an incredible book, despite the grimness of its overarching themes.

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